Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day. Cue me, eating chocolate, making bad graphics and freaking out because my birthday’s two days away.

Welcome to the official™ Valentine’s day post that we are going to pretend is my only post today and where I try not to complain about how fake love is. Just kidding (mostly). So today I thought I’d split this post up into 3 sections (and a bonus one at the bottom). Basically three things that I love all in the spirit of the holiday. Honestly I think I’m just becoming a recommendation blog :).

Also in the spirit of it almost being my birthday (AHHH I’m dying with excitement!!!) So on to today’s post*

Note: All of these items will be songs/books or whatever that I’ve discovered in 2017 because it could take years to dredge up all of the things I’ve like since 2016.


Okay so one of the things that I love is music. Music is my life (#cliche) and all of my friends have similar music tastes to me and we talk about music all the time and I talk about music with my family, just with everyone. I lovvvve music and so for Valentine’s Day I thought I’d share with you a song (plus some recommendations)  I really love*.

*Note none of these are love songs because I am forever alone.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 9.08.42 PM.png

Image Credit: Genius Lyrics Inc.

Stromae – ta fête

Okay so story behind this song, it was during finals when my French teacher showed us Stromae. Okay, I know all of his songs (mostly) are in French. I do not care. His music has an amazing beat and rhythm and the fact that I love it even though I can only understand like a tenth of what he’s saying is a testament to how good it is. This song is personally my favorite because I feel like it’s really catchy but you people should definitely check out the rest of his album Racine Carrée it’s my favorite album so far this year.

Other artists/songs I love and you should check out: Anything by the Neighbourhood, Down by Marion Hill and Don’t Say It – Bedroom by PARTYBABY


Okay so I know that there have been mixed reviews about this book but I heard sooooo many people talking about it that I just had to read and here it is.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 9.21.10 PM.png

Image Credit: Goodreads (Let’s just assume any book image on here is from Goodreads from now on)

Okay so I really liked this book. If you can’t tell I love love love prose (which is part of the reason why I chose this book). If I (sometimes) write usually it’s full of prose. Books full of prose help me get into the story and the characters much more than books without prose. I the plot was engaging and I loved the characters. Their struggles seemed so real to me? Like the endless high school drama but in a way that didn’t seem unoriginal and bland. I’ve actually been in a reading slump since December-ish (that means recommendations are very welcome 😉 ) and this book I definitely enjoyed. I have been struggling with having books that look so good and amazing but not being able to make it past Chapter 5. This book pulled me out of that (for then) and gave me beautiful characters and beautiful prose to help me love it even more.



Okay so even though I still have introduced you to my favorite people (my own characters because I have no friends 😥 ) One thing I really like is the idea for a story I created during Nano this summer. Okay so basically it’s really cliche. A group of friends live in a small town and there’s a murder *gasp* suddenly they realize that everything’s not what it seems and their small town is full of secrets and betrayal. That’s not cliche at all, am I right guys? Basically I’ve decided because I literally can’t write any genre that’s not depressing realistic fiction that I’m just going to make it really emotional and tug on your heartstrings to make up for the lack of plot ;). You may be wondering, Amelie why the heck did you tell us this? We really don’t care. Well I’ve decided in order to get feedback because I suck at writing and editing I’m going to start writing this on this blog. Yay (I hope). This is a little preview of what the heck I’m writing so that whenever I do post it you guys aren’t blindsided (and don’t question my sanity.)



Anyways I hope you guys had a great Valentine’s Day. I definitely did one of my friends got my a succulent :). If you guys have any questions, comments or feedback please let me know. And be expecting a post tomorrow or Thursday 😉

Hope you people have a terrific day whenever you may be reading this!



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