An Update

Note: So this has no graphic or anything at all because I have a list of excuses a mile wide on why on why I haven’t posted (i.e; tennis till 9 half the week, a concert, a school dance, my birthday, assorted birthday celebrations and a five paragraph essay which is due tomorrow which I’m still procrastinating on…. etc. Because May is actually the best person ever (and was probably tired of me complaining and asking me to update and write a post) she wrote a post for me! I promise you guys I’ll actually write something soon and so many thanks to May for being actually the best human alive™. Finally before I put what she wrote wish me luck, I have tennis tryouts tomorrow (only 8 people make traveling team and we have 41) and once tryouts are over I’ll finally be able to post 🙂 .

Without further ado the amazing May’s fill-in post;

The #1 reason why we have friends: to make them write blog posts for us while we’re busy.

That’s right. It’s me, May, from Forever and Everly. The lovely Amelie is quite busy with homework and all that insignificantness. I suggested that I could write a post for her, and of course she would say yes. Does she not know I have important things to take care of as well, such as blogging, reading other people’s blogs, commenting, and answering comments? And some homework and writing of course.

(But really, can the police arrest Procrastination??? Because the world doesn’t need it. No one will miss it. JUST GO AWAY.)

Anyways, this will be short. It’s quite random because dear Amelie told me nothing about what I should write??? She was just like, “YES THANK YOU SO MUCH BYEEEE.” And when I proceeded to ask her again, all she did was shrug. So now I will reveal all your secrets. #mwahahahaha

I actually don’t know what I’m going to talk about, so can I just lead a little ranty thing? I’ll just talk about random stuff that pops into my mind, like how my stomach feels really full from eating dinner, and how I can just feel the water sloshing around in my stomach (gotta stay #hydrated), and how I ate WAY too many dried mangoes today (#help), and how OH LOOK I NEED TO FINISH HOMEWORK BUT NOPE GOTTA WRITE A BLOG POST FOR MY FREEEEEEN.

Let’s talk about ME for a second, eh? I run a blog at Forever and Everly (which will be having its ONE MONTH BLOGIVERSARY tomorrow!!! or today, depending on when she posts this GOSH AMELIE WAY TO RUIN THE CELEBRATION) and am the Mango Queen. I also like mangoes. And hashtags. If you can’t tell. I like to think myself as witty, and will either highly praise myself or extremely insult myself. Being a mango is hard, guys. Especially a mango queen.

Now let’s talk about Amelie deeeeeear. She is trash, born from trash, lives in trash, and likes to be trash. JUUUUUUUUST KIDDING. (I feel the need to add little “trademark” symbols, but I’m too lazy to. #yourewelcome) She is NEWLY THIRTEEN (and she didn’t even write a post to celebrate this what???) and is a very smol child. Though I like to be mean to her. I like to be mean to all my friends. Especially Ivy. BUT NOT CAS BECAUSE CAS IS TOO GREAT FOR BE MEAN TO. Sorry guys.

Okay so I really have to go now??? I’ll just attempt to do something cool now.

Image result for attempt to be cool gif

Okay, I’m sorry, but gifs make everything cooler.

***Keep an eye out for a post from Amelie sometime soon, because I will physically force her to write a post. You love me.***


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