Monthly Wrap Up!

Me: Writes one post all month.

Also me: Let me finish this draft for the 30th post I’ve written this month but will never post.


For the first time ever, I’m actually doing a monthly wrap-up! This honestly is just going to make me feel sad but whatever, I can deal. I’m not going to sadly stare out my window as I realize how little I’ve accomplished. 

I’m also not going to acknowledge that this is in June, not May. 



I’ve read a decent amount of books this month and I totally track what I’m reading……. But most of the books that I really enjoyed (and remember reading) I read during the last week of May – at an airport. I went on a trip to Philly and North Carolina (which was pretty awesome) and we got stranded in an airport for like five hours so I decided that it would be a great time to get some of my tbr done *finger guns* But unfortunately most of them also emotionally destroyed me so……..

(Also I totally won’t do mini-reviews for all of them, that would be completely ridiculous…..)



I’m still crying? This is a fairy tale retelling and to be completely honest it will break your heart.Why can’t everyone just be happy???



Apparently I’m really into retellings because this is a retelling of the greek myth of Achilles. Beautiful writing and I would die (wink wink) for Patroclus




So many beautiful, amazing characters (besides Coley) and my only problem was that the ending seemed like there was more, but it was just chopped off?




                                          Good book but I didn’t really get into the story                                             (or empathize with Lara Jean at all???)



The only redeeming quality about this book was the fact that it had John Ambrose McClaren III.

(Also two extra notes 1. Check out Scribd because it’s amazing and I finally started using goodreads yay!)

Favorite Book:

Teeth By Hannah Moscowitz 


     TBR I’m most excited to read in June:

        The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis 



Ha ha, what even is blogging? Or having high quality posts posted often? I certainly wouldn’t know.

My favorite post this month was probably this one:

Not because it’s the only one posted in May?? What that would be crazy…..

november 20-23, 2019adams open field


Which are all pretty decent considering I had one post

VIEWS: 225





Posts I enjoyed:

Hopefully in June I’ll actually post……



  • I actually have characters for my novel for a pretty great writing contest/camp nano!!!!! AND THEY HAVE NAMES
  • I’ve started my outline and I sort of know the plot !! What’s up!!!!
  • Started formatting a post to complain about writing because i’m that #cool



  • ummmmmm I went on a trip to NC and Philly which was pretty cool???
  • Finals  actually killed me, rip @ myself
  • I got to hang out with my friends which was cool !!
  • SCHOOL ENDED which was pretty nice
  • And I guess I just sat on my couch a lot?????



 (Which I hopefully accomplished)
Red text equals failed goals and green means accomplished goals


  • Write at least one post a week

    •  Yeah right past self….. 
  • Get to 39 followers (I currently have 38 but I have no self-esteem so…) 

    • YAY I ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING!!!! (I currently have 51, what’s up past self?)
  • Change my graphics/blog design at least once.

    • Haha…. no


  • Continue my camp nano story

    • YAY! I did this, I wrote quite a few pages actually 🙂
  • Develop my characters and story

    • There’s actually a plot now! (Or I’ve realized it’s going to be character driven…) and all the characters have names now !! And that’s what I call success !!
  • Update all my NaPoWriMo’s onto the page

    • Yeah no, but they aren’t that great? So I don’t even know if I will put them all 😦

    • DONE!!!!! I feel like an accomplished writer now….


  • Don’t do all of my homework during advisory

    • I’m so problematic…… I just get distracted a lot and then forget to do my homework……
  • Don’t be so weird in MUN

    • I was still weird but I did a good job at my conference so everyone forgave me !!
  • Try to get my tennis hours up to 10 instead of 8 

    • I did but towards the end of the month because I traveled and school I wasn’t able to play at all 😦

    • This is an actual character flaw of mine??? I guarantee you I’ll finish my tbr before I stop procrastinating…..


  • Get actual sleep

    • Ummm…. sort of??? I actually started taking new anxiety supplements that made me really sleepy so I slept a lot (even when I didn’t want to sleep..)
  • Be a nicer person

    • I feel like I’ve tried to be kinder and I think I’ve succeeded… I still have a lot I can always improve on though.
  • Take care of my face

    • I got a face scrubber thing and I use it !! And my face actually doesn’t look like trash (for once in my life)
  • Don’t get so anxious

    • Hahhhha. But to be fair I took a new supplement for like two weeks which made me not anxious, so I guess I succeeded???
  • Talk about my feelings.

    • Yeah…. um……. I told my friend that I thought they were super nice??? Does that count???
  • Start my BuJo up again

    • I haven’t had time 😥  My curse 😦
  • Talk to people when they’re upsetting you!!!!

    • Yeahhh…. um….. I totally didn’t lose two friends this month because of this…. I definitely share my emotions all the time with my friends.
            just going to awkwardly dump my person life on you guys                            *finger guns* 





  • READ !!!!
  • Go to the library at least once a week
  • Write reviews write after I read
  • Keep my goodreads updated
  • Stop reading emo contemporary books??? (#ineedtostop, mostly for my own mental health though !!)


  • Get at least 2 chapters done
  • Get half of the outline done
  • Get someone to beta for me


  • Make more blog friends 🙂
  • Try to get a post out every two weeks at least
  • WRITE !! IN !! ADVANCE !!
  • Try to have more quality things
  • Start a series maybe????


  • Sleep
  • Bujo more
  • Get together with friends
  • Don’t be a sad ball of teenage angst, TALK TO PEOPLE
  • Try to mend things with people you’re currently angry at


And that was all for May (which was very hectic in my opinion) I’m glad I accomplished (some of) my goals and I hope I can do a better job of staying on track in June (which we are technically already in. But still.)

Are you as awkward as I am? How do you like to manage your goals (and stress) What are some of your summer tbr (and plans???)




68 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up!

  1. WOW, YOU NEED TO STOP SHAMING ME OKAY? No, I’m not NEARLY as awkward as you, (I’m ten times worse). I don’t manage my stress… I just let it pile up until I completely drown in it and sink to the bottom of complete despair. (relatable?)

    Your posts are actually amazing!! ONCE YOU START POSTING MORE OFTEN, I bet you’ll reach 100 REALLY REALLY soon. Also, WHY ARE YOU STILL WRITING ABOUT SCHOOL. You need to move on from the past, okay? You have so many friends who will help you.

    I’m not going to interfere in your personal life but… (WHAT HAPPENED? SPILL THE BEANS) just kidding you can only tell me if you are comfortable with it. I hate talking about feelings (but then again, I have like no conflict with my friends because I have none…)

    Au Revoir. (This comment is living proof about that awkwardness thing)

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  2. I don’t know about you, but to me it actually looks like you accomplished something in May … there was green! I didn’t accomplish as much as I wanted, haha, but that’s okay … that’s what summer’s for!

    And … I don’t think you’re that awkward, Amelie! I think you’re super cool. Like, the sunglasses emoji cool. I still have no idea how to make that little guy … he’s so awesomely elusive … 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, and yeah May at least for me because it was the end of school everything was just on top of each other and I had sooo much to do 😦 Which kind of made me feel like I didn’t accomplish a lot. Part of my problem is that as soon as Summer starts all my energy and effort to do things go out the window (I did go through my closet though which was nice)

      And thank you!! Out side of blogging I am most unbelievably awkward though, I have like two friends and thank you!! You’re very cool too, they only way I knew how to make the sunglasses guy was like this B) (I don’t know if it still works though…..) 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Aaahh, the Song of Achilles was so good! I cried a bit, but mostly happy tears 🙂 And I agree about “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” – it was good and all, but I didn’t really connect with it? Like it didn’t give me the feels?? TBH I found it a bit cliched. Oh well. And your stats are amazing for a single blog post. Like seriously. Wow. And I’m glad you enjoyed my post! 😀 And yay congrats on writing!! Isn’t it annoying when you have the idea in your head but you’re too lazy to write it down? Or maybe that’s just me? Also good luck with the not procrastinating goal. It’ll be hard. Trust me, I’m still stuck procrastinating. In fact, I’m procrastinating right now. Another good luck for your June goals!! Hopefully you’ll complete them 😀
    Also, I’m pretty sure you’re not that awkward – even if you were, it’s not a thing to be ashamed of. (Or maybe I’m just biased because it’s in my username.) Lots of people are very awkward – that’s why the internet was created. For non-awkward communication. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I l-o-v-e-d the song of achilles. at the end i just sobbed for like fifteen minutes straight and i couldn’t read anything for the rest of the week 😥 And to all the boys i’ve loved before was spoiled for me because a. i have a little sister and i couldn’t imagine her every wanting to date my boyfriend and just ewwww and in the second book john ambrose mclaren was introduced and peter seemed like trash (also i feel like there might’ve been a lack of emotion????? was that just me?????) thank you !! and your posts are all like goals 🙂 and oh my god i hate that feeling 😦 or like things that i want to write but i hate the way i write them/turn out 😥 and procrastinating is my life 25/7 :”””””””( And thank you !! if you have any june goals i wish you luck in them too !!
      and that is very true, i will keep that in mind 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yess, Madeline Miller’s writing style is beautiful and hits you right in the feels 🙂 Also yeah the bit about Kitty liking Josh was really really weird because there’s such a *huge* age gap between them. And Peter was okay for the first book, then he just turned into a jealous and overprotective boyfriend. Not my kinda book… (it’s not just you!! even i think that there wasn’t enough feelings!) and yay thanks 😀 i completely get your writing problems, same happens here. also thanks for the luck! (?)
        P.S: I love your new profile picture 😀

        Liked by 1 person

        • I love her writing style !! It’s such goals honestly !! And I assumed Kitty liked Josh like an older brother but then then the liking was revealed and it was just weird to me 😦 And I’m glad someone else agrees 🙂 and thank you !! I was bored last night and decided to change it 😉

          Liked by 1 person

  4. Ahhh this was such a lovely post!! I don’t know why I haven’t found your blog earlier? Oops. You should totally post more, though no pressure whatsoever! Coming up with blog posts can be so hard ahah. I loveeee this wrap up though!
    Noooooooo you disliked P.S. I Still Love You! *cries* I adore that book and series so muchhh. (John Ambrose McClaren is so awesome haha) And ooh retellings! ❤ My favourite. Really need to read The Song of Achilles!
    Hahahaha procrastinating is literally ME all the time omg. Especially for school-related stuff? UGH. Struggle. But OOH you should totally start again with bullet journaling!! When you have time, of course. I have one and I love it ahah. Woo for writing progress though!! I'm in a permanent state of writer's block so you're at least better off than me haha. ❤ Good luck!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!! And I need to post….. I just have no inspiration 😦
      I did like P.S I still love you, I had just read a bunch of books I l-o-v-e-d when I was reading the series so they had a lot to live up to 🙂
      And the Song of Achilles is a-m-a-z-i-n-g and very bittersweet. I’m procrastinating on everything, always, including my bullet journal. Thank you and good luck to you too in any writing you may currently be doing !!


  5. Hey, I’m Sarah! (you may remember me as the girl who guest posted on May’s blog with the aesthetic pictures…lol) Just bloghopping, and then here I am! Btw, this is completely irrelevant to this post BUT OMG YOUR HEADER IS 👌👌. ANYWAYS, I looove reading these posts and seeing the improvement in blogs, and the astounding number of books they can read in a month…particularly because I’m what I call, a sloth-paced reader.**ALWAYS AN AWKWARD TRAIT TO HAVE WHEN PEOPLE HEAR YOU ‘CLAIM’ YOU’RE A DEDICATED BOOKWORM** But HEY I’m working on it! Oh and I just checked out May’s birthday post! Thanks for the reminder, I completely missed it!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. whoaa you participated in nanowrimo? i always say i will but i never actually do haha.
    i’ve heard sooo many good things about the female of the species. let me know how you end up liking it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s what I do honestly though, I sign up, wrote five hundred words and then do nothing else for the rest of the month 😦 And I’ve finished The Female of the Species and I really enjoyed it !! I would definitely recommend reading it !!


  7. Hi! I think it’s amazing you’re so organized with your goals! I get easily stressed so I keep a planner where I write all my to-do lists! I began reading To All the Boys I’ve loved before a while ago but didn’t really get into it after a few pages and didn’t finish it. I may pick it up again at some point, but for now, nah. AND OMG I’M SO EXCITED TO READ THE FEMALE OF THE SPECIES TOO. I have so many books I need to read, but I plan on reading this one very soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much !! And I’m highkey stressed all the time and I used to have a bullet journal where I kept everything but I don’t have that any more…… And I feel like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before isn’t for everyone, I feel like some people love it and some people hate it and I just fell into the later category 🙂 And I finished The Female of the Species and it was great and everything I thought it was going to be and more !!


  8. Before I say anything I just have to put it out there that THIS BLOG IS THE MOST VISUALLY APPEALING. I mean, EVERYTHING is so beautiful *CRIES*. Ahem, acute fangirling and staring aside, guess who just added a heap to her TBR! That’s right, this gal. I can’t wait to read these! I was especially excited to see The Miseducation of Cameron Post as a love from you because I have been wanting to read that for a REALLY long time! And also, YAY to all the goals you reached! And all the best to all your new goals (YOU CAN DO THIS)!


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