Abandoning Books. An American Tragedy.

Hello. It is me, a very problematic person. I’m going to confess that I am guilty of abandoning books. At least for me, I just have s-o many books that I want to read so I can’t bog myself down reading books that I don’t enjoy. So here’s a discussion post for you guys so you can either publicly shame me or agree with my problematic ways.



  • You don’t waste time reading a book that will a. only disappoint you and b. make you regret spending time on it while you could’ve been reading other books.
    • Wow this is the actually story of my lifeΒ (and the Serpent King). There areΒ soΒ many books that I’ve read because my friends have pressured me into it #peerpressure and while good books (that I haven’t read 12 times….) were sitting only an arms length away and I’ve suffered. (And wasted my time πŸ˜‰ Β )

      Do you want that? Do you really?
  • Many of us have massive tbr and why would we stall our tbr progress to read a book that’s pretty disappointing
    • I’m talking to all of you people out here with like thousand books tbr’s. I mean really?? Really???
  • Some books are just so problematic or so uncomfortable to us as readers that we have to/should stop reading them for our own mental health
    • There are books that I’ve seen reviews for, had friends tell me what they were like and these books just caused people a state of agony (wow I’m never overdramatic) because they were reading things that were making them very uncomfortable but they were ignoring that in order to finish the book.
  • Sometimes the writing style is just disagreeable or not well done that we physically can not actually read the book to finish it
    • And I’m going to get some #opinions on this but I personally didn’t enjoy the style of This Savage Song. V.E Schwab is a remarkable author I just wasn’t able to get into her writing. I tried and tried and tried but I constantly was just distracted and after maybe two hours trying to get through the book I was only on page 23 or something. At that point it was more of a waste for me to try to continue the book that just mark it as a dnf.
  • Okay so this isn’t really not finishing a book for forever and ever and ever, but when you’re in a reading slump: put books aside.
    • Whenever I’m in a reading slump, I tend to dislike anything and everything no matter how much the book may seem like it should appeal to me. I often will set aside books when I’m in a really bad reading slump because I don’t want books to be ruined by it. This happened to me with the Miseducation of Cameron Post. I started the book during a slump and haaaaaaaaated it. I restarted it recently and it’s one of my favorites.
    • Word of advice kids: Put the book away when you’re not in the mood.header

The true question is can you tell I never actually finish books????

I lied to you guys. I’m not actually a person (or a scary pear). I’m just a dnf rating with some pretty nice lipstick (which I’ve never shown or talked about. But it’s still there.)



aka the actually sane option that most normal people do.

  • Everything is neat and resolved in a package. (Or like not. Depending on the book.) But usually there is some type of ending scenario (or cliff-hanger leading to the sequel) that gives you a little bit of closure or desire to buy the next book.
    • And if you FINISH the book you’ll know that ending yourself!!! Or not have to stalk goodreads and blogs and beg your friends……. or other vaguely stalker-ish things that I haveΒ never done in my entire life. I sort of promise……

Me, casually stalking
  • Your “friends” don’t call you out for never finishing books. (This isn’t even really a pro it’s just a way to call out May for her always finishing books ways. Fight me.)
  • Books that you didn’t expect to enjoy may end up surprising you!
    • This happened to me with two books pretty recently actually. The more memorable one was When the Moon was Ours. In the beginning I disliked the characters and the writing style. But by the end of the book I actually enjoyed it!!! (I still didn’t like the writing style though…) and it went from a one star book to a four stars!!
    • The other one was during a #reading slump or aka when I hate every book that touches my hands for an extended period of time.
  • It allows you to fully realize and assess your opinions on books. For example if a book is really hyped or something (I’m an amazing writer who is very detailed) and you start reading and are like:

“Dang this book sucks, bro” – Amelie while reading a book that sucked

  • Finishing the book allows you to have more evidence for your opinions (and if Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  you’re into that sort of thing) allows you to have a better well-done review
  • You don’t wake up thirty years later from a nightmare because you never finished that one book.
    • You don’t want that. Trust me.
  • I mean really it’s just common sense??? Finish what you’ve started???? I think you need to have a long introspective look at yourself if you aren’t finishing most of the books you read???


Okay I can’t really pretend that this wasn’t just a callout post for myself and I have really weird reading opinions.


I can ask you guys for your opinionsΒ (Mostly so you guys can publicly shame me….)Β 

(Also thanks to May for letting me rip off her featured image πŸ™‚ Love you!!!!)


Do you chronically not finish books? Are there any books you just couldn’t finish? Are you going to publicly shame me? Do you have any #controversial booky opinions? How has your day been?



24 thoughts on “Abandoning Books. An American Tragedy.

  1. MWAHAHAHA I FINISH MY BOOKS. Mostly. And HAHAHAA I TOLD YOU WHEN THE MOON WAS OURS WAS GOOD!!! Also, I totally agree that Schwab is a really great author — but like I CAN’T. GET. INTO. HER. WRITING. STYLE. It takes me foreveeeeeeeer to get through her books.

    Also, important question: Is your title based off of Hamilton.

    YES READING SLUMPS SUCK. That advice you gave is 100% true and people need to follow it or be punished to agonized screaming. And WHAT. YOU’RE NOT A SCARY PEAR??? I’VE BEEN LED TO BELIEVE SOMETHING FALSE???

    I try to finish all the books I read ( πŸ˜› ) because I feel like I need to give them a chance. Also I think I’m not THAT critical with books so I’m able to enjoy it more than, for example, you. πŸ™‚ AND THE FEATURED IMAGE IS NOT A RIPOFF OF MINE.

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    • wow i feel bullied and i’m going to report u. i just like couldn’t (and if so i would suggest returning this savage song and then checking it out again…)
      i think??? maybe??? i don’t know. i just call everything an american tragedy tbh.
      and wow i have reading slumps 25/7. what is a book?

      and i’m sorry for lying for you πŸ˜₯ (and this really weird spacing…..)

      wow and i’m going to fight u for actually having ur life together and i mean i guess……

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  2. Yesssss you get it!!! Sometimes when I just can’t get into the book or find the plot too cliche or the writing style too annoying I’ll just leave it halfway and read something else – something new. I’m in a reading slump right now; every book I read just seems too tiring to bother finishing it. There are so many unfinished books I’ve kept bookmarked – Siege and Storm (It felt like all the romance-y drama between the Darkling and Alina and Mal was a bit cliche. And it was in first person which was annoying); Splintered (I don’t even have a reason for this); Always and Forever, Lara Jean; Only Time Will Tell; Inferno… yeah. No, I won’t publicly shame you. ((I’d be a hypocrite if I did lol)) Probably my most #controversial thought is not liking “To all the boys I’ve loved before” – most bookworms I know love it (except you). And my day’s just started because it’s morning where I am lol

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    • I actually have a chronic problem with this. After a while I just became #done with everything I was reading and I started expecting a lot more from what I was reading??? Now if something doesn’t meet my standards I’ll usually abandon it. πŸ™‚
      I feel your pain. Actually pretty recently I was in a eight month reading slump 😦 I wasn’t able to read anything. It just took too much effort to finish and nothing seemed particularly intresting 😦
      I need to read the grisha trilogy 😦
      I actually reeeeeeallly want to finish History is All You Left Me because I looooooooooove Adam Silvera but I just can’t 😦
      I hope your reading slump gets better πŸ™‚
      And yay we can be controversial together !!!
      Also it’s about to be a new day where I am !!
      (11:55 pm πŸ˜‰ )

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      • Yeah, it’s better not to read than to feel *disappointment* after finishing the book.
        Also *EIGHT MONTHS*?? D: I hope your reading slump gets better soon πŸ™‚
        Grisha is good and all but tbh I preferred Six of Crows. :/
        History is All You Left Me was amazing so I hope that your reading slump gets better soon. (I think I said that twice. eh.)

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        • Yeah that is very true and also how I live my life, I am very reckless.
          (This also means I just don’t do anything)
          And yeah I generally alternate in an all or nothing sort of thing. Such as reading ten books in a week or one in three months. And Six of Crows is amazing !! (And I’ve heard that from pretty much everyone 😦 )
          And I hope yours gets better soon 😦

          (Also !! I feel really bad because it’s taking me a year and a half but I am doing your tag/award thing WHICH THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR. You are honestly like the nicest??? I cry. Anyways I’m doing this horrible four tag monster thing and it’s like at 4k words πŸ˜₯

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          • I completely relate with the all or nothing – there was this one time when I read like one book a day for one and a half weeks. Blissful pleasure. But now I’m just like “book??? reading??? what are those????”
            thanks. you too πŸ™‚

            (Yay I’m glad!! And don’t worry, I’m usually really late for tags and stuff too lol. AND YOUR BLOG IS AMAZING SO HOW COULD I NOT??? Good luck with the rest of the post tho πŸ˜€ )

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    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Hahahaha oh my gosh I love this post but stilllll the books want you to finishhhh them!! But okay, I will concede to the fact there are such things as slumps and I myself have abandoned two books before because SLUMP GALORE. And it’s no fun reading books during a slump because I will probably dislike it as you said. Perhaps in theory I understand this horrid notion of abandoning books as you say BUT. I still wholeheartedly disagree. Or perhaps just partially? Maybe a quarter? Stopppp don’t convert me. πŸ˜‚ Lovely post Amelie!!

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    • I know, I know, I’m ashamed of my self 😦

      Thank you!!!! And I tryyyyy it’s just that slumps are actually my life (#8monthreadingslumps) and it is very sucky. I feel your pain.
      That was the whole point of this post. To convert people. The more people don’t finish books, the more my power grows πŸ˜‰
      Thank you !!!!!!

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  4. pfft, I DNF books ALL THE TIME. It’s slightly ridiculous. My thoughts are, if I’m just hating a book, why would I waste time on it? Sometimes it’s tricky when a book is okaaay, but not phenomenal. I usually finish those. So no, I don’t think you’re crazy! Great post!
    p.s.Your blog is super pretty!

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    • That’s very relatable. I don’t even know what finishing a book is at this point. And wow I’ve found some one with the same opinions as me. Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. I dislike DNFing books especially if I’ve gotten into them a bit… probably for the reason you listed… you’re opinion is not considered valid unless you’ve finished the book and many times it’s just a bad start, the book gets better by the end. I have dnfed books though, none more than a Patrick Ness whose books I cannot get into and in fact many times come to a certain point and dusturbingly hate them. (Sorry TMI!!)

    As a writer I read just as much for the bad stuff as the good stuff though. It is a way to hone your instincts for your own writing… to be able to sense when your story is working or not working… to be able to diagnose the problem because you have experience doing so in other people’s work (which you are not do emotionally invested in!!!) Editors don’t do as comprehensive a job anymore and so the writer has got to develop those skills!

    You have a lovely way of talking that is at once the same as and totally different from May! I’m glad to have found you ❀️🌈🌟

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    • Yeah, I definitely agree with that, it’s just as I’ve read more and more there’s become so many more books that i just can’t with and it just hurts me to continue reading them 😦

      (I’ve only read like one Patrick Ness book and I don’t know anything about him or his books really…)

      Ahh!! That’s really good advice??? I’m going to keep that in mind the next time I want to dnf a book πŸ™‚

      Also thank you so much !! (Also your blog is great too!! I realized one of my comments never sent so I need to re-write it πŸ™‚ )

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  6. Okay, so I don’t KNOW how I missed this post but I’m feeling bad about it because I missed this FANTASTIC post in my feed. I’ll be mad at myself for a couple of hours there. But I’m glad I came back and found it and read it because it was actually very refreshing to hear your take on this topic, Amelie! πŸ™‚
    I rarely ever DNF books – I don’t know why, I get this sense of commitment whenever I start reading a book and I’m always thinking that it can get better, who knows, maybe it’s just the beginning that kind of is hard to get into, and so on. I tend to make excuses and get through a book. This is also because I buy 99;9% of the books I read, having no library to go to with English books. (The 0.1% are the ARCs I am getting, which is not a lot but still a little something). Since I paid for them (or have a little responsibility to read them), well I’m going to try haaaaaaaard not to DNF them ahah πŸ™‚
    But forcing ourselves to read books we don’t enjoy is NOT good – thankfully I buy tons of books I like so I’m doing okay?! -. I would not be against DNF – ing ANY book if I’m not enjoying it or for ALL of the reasons you said above.
    (seems like I ranted a whole lot here. ooooops.)

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    • No, it’s totally fine (a couple people actually told me that it didn’t show up in their reader?? I don’t really know πŸ™‚ ) and thank you !!

      I feel like it is different if you buy books, I am lucky enough to have a library (with english books) like five minutes away from my house so I was able to get into a bad habit of not even trying to get through a book I didn’t love 😦 Also I have so much respect for people who never dnf like??? You are actually incredible (and have so much patience πŸ™‚ )

      And no it’s totally cool !! (I mean it’s a discussion post πŸ™‚ ) And I agree 120%

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      • Oh really?! That’s weird…maybe WordPress messed up, it wouldn’t be the first time!
        Oh that’s SO awesome, you’re living the dream – five minutes away from all the books! I understand – getting books is quicker and easier, so “losing your time” with a book you don’t like is totally not okay. I would be the same way for sure! πŸ™‚

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  7. Oooooooh I LIKE THIS POST. I don’t DNF enough. I mean lately, I’ve been getting a lot better at it because hey, sometimes you just gotta let things go but on the whole, I don’t do much DNFing. Really, its bad on my part because I stand here *just* out of the MASSIVE READING SLUMP (ahem. the 7-8 months were DREADFUL) and so if there’s a book I’m not liking and aren’t feeling so much I just have to wave a farewell. *says me who just forced herself through a book she rated 1.5 stars and was massively bored by* BUT YES – I LIKE THIS POST, I LIKE ITS POINTS AND I MUST LEARN TO DNF MORE. And I don’t know who is shaming you but believe that I am here PRAISING you because your DNF skill is so on point πŸ˜‰

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    • Thank you !! And that’s xtremely relatable. I was just in a reading slump for so long I just had to A. Abandon any books I wasn’t into and possibly come back to them later or B. Just re-read books that I love πŸ™‚ AH THANK YOU SO MUCH !!


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