The Hiatus is Over! Your Favorite Piece of Trash is Back!

When I came back to wordpress to write this post, I felt some sort of muscle memory or shock take over.

My body could not physically process the fact I was actually going to write.

headerIt’s a me! Amelie!

Aka that one fake blogger who says she’s “taking a break” and disappears for three years!

You still love me though!

After returning to wordpress,  I looked at my blog, abandoned, sad, very very old and thought to myself that in the spirit of New Year’s and resolutions and such that I should try to blog again in the New Year.

Who knows if it’ll work, if I’ll care enough to keep blogging but I’m at least going to give it a try.

tl;dr I’m going to try to start blogging again.

Even though my commentary is mostly unnecessary, I’ve started and stopped blogging close to a hundred times and I like,,,, haven’t read a book ever in my life, I’ve been extremely bored as of late and decided I might try to throw my towel in the ring. Or whatever.


Wait. Who are you again?

Hi, to all the (very few)  people who may have known me and probably have forgotten me.

  • I’m Amelie
  • I like to have controversial opinions about books and things in general
  • I like poetry more than “novel-esque” writing
  • Sometimes I like to talk about current issues but mostly I talk about books/failed writing attempts
  • Also I am so here for aliens come at me if you don’t believe in them
  • Also the #1 stan of my wife, May 


What are you going to be doing?

I’m going to try to figure out a posting schedule but it will probably be twice a week wednesdays and fridays because I run out of content very very quickly.

I’ll try to do lifestyle/book/writing posts but it’ll probably just end up me writing about the same things over and over again getting increasingly angrier each time.

I also will uhhhh complain because even though I like to think I’m a nice person I don’t have a very nice attitude towards pretty much everything.


Why should I care?

I don’t honestly know. Maybe you’ll get some joy out of it? Maybe my opinions will be refreshing? Who knows.


Is that all?

Yeah,,,, I guess so.

This is basically just a first “announcement post” so I can start posting again and it doesn’t seem out of the blue. 



31 thoughts on “The Hiatus is Over! Your Favorite Piece of Trash is Back!

  1. Welcome back! You definitely shouldn’t leave again because I was scared you wouldn’t come back haha (but seriously don’t).
    Even if – I don’t know, you posted some of your writing that counts as content *begs for more writing*

    Liked by 1 person

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