End of Year Wrap Up: Part 1

So even though most of 2017 was a trash-fire and as the year went on my anxiety decided to uh, skyrocket causing me to wander through a book slump for the remainder of the year, I actually read quite a few of my favorites for the first time this year.

Because of that (and also I’m struggling to produce content before 2018 is a thing) I decided to do an End of Year Survey focused on one of the better parts of 2017: books.

The best person ever, May sent me the link to this survey so here’s her credit.




This survey was created by Jamie from Perpetual Page Turner as a fun way to reflect on the year so credit to her for this amazing survey.

I didn’t answer some of the questions, purely because I felt like I had already touched on something and didn’t want to be redundant or I didn’t have a good answer for the question.

Additionally even after cutting out some questions this survey is still 47 questions long. I decided to spare your eyes and cut it into 2 parts – this one and another one I’m posting on friday. 

*All pictures link back to their source


*Number Of Books You Read:

2016 might’ve been the year of realizing stuff, but 2017 was certainly the year of not reading at all, so my total number of books for the year was around 100

*Number of Re-Reads:

I really, really want to say that I re-read books around 50 times this year? Which I know sounds like a lot, but after being disappointed by new books, I went back to my old favorites and re-read them a ton. (For example, I’m pretty sure I re-read The Raven King (from the All for the Game series) around 10 times just between the months of July and August.)

Genre You Read The Most From:

I am a contemporary girl through and through (miss me with that fantasy, historical fiction, re-tellings, most sci-fi and dystopian) so I’m going to take a wild guess and assume it’s contemporary/realistic fiction.

*These are in fact estimates because as stated before, I didn’t really keep track what I read past July and so I can’t be sure of the exact number of books I read or number of re-reads


 Best Book You Read In 2017?


For this one, I really really really wanted to cheat. I read probably the majority of my favorite books in 2017 and so it was a painstaking process to narrow it down to my favorite one (a five minute process but still. But after thinking on it, I chose We are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson as my favorite book of the year. I personally, adore the writing style, the plot and the characters and I feel like they all work together so well in order to create this beautiful book. It breaks your heart and then mends it again all over the course of the novel. (Please read it.) 


  Book You Were Excited About & Thought You Were Going To Love More But Didn’t?



This Savage Song by V.E Schwab. This book was so, so, so hyped up. A lot of people who’s reviews I really trust were talking about how much they absolutely adored this book. I had never read anything by Schwab before but I was so excited. I was sure I was going to love this book. It ended up being a dnf. I tried so hard to like this book. I forced myself to only read this book for two weeks straight. I would sit myself down with a timer and force myself to read it for a certain amount of time. I was so desperate to like this book. But I couldn’t. Nothing grabbed at me, the writing style seemed quite flat and was actually the main reason I couldn’t get into this book. The characters were dull and I was pretty sure I wouldn’t like Kate and reading reviews I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t’ve. I’m going to try to re-read it and finish it, but overall it was a massive disappointment.


Most surprising (in a good way or bad way) book you read?  


Two of the most surprising books for me this year were milk and honey by Rupo Kaur and Rules for 50/50 Chances by Kate McGovern. milk and honey unfortunately was a flop. I love poetry and I was excited to read this, but I knew there was pretty large chance I wouldn’t like this. I feel like I didn’t click with her style and I have a lot of respect for her as a poet but this one just wasn’t for me. Rules for 50/50 Chances surprised because it seemed like a cheesy, poorly written contemporary rom-com novel. And it sort of was similar to that, but I really really enjoyed it. The love interest is complex and well-written and the book in my opinion dealt very well with the issues it was trying to tackle. It wasn’t perfect but, I really liked it.


 Best series you started in 2017? Best Sequel of 2017? Best Series Ender of 2017?


My favorite series and best series ender are from the same series. The All for the Game series by Nora Sakavic. These books are a hot mess. There are so many different plot points, characters events, there’s mild info-dumping and the plot is either at 100 or a 0 no real in-betweens. But it’s my favorite series of all time. And The Raven King my favorite book. I love this series. Even though, it shouldn’t work, it does. Really well. This series gets better and better and better as it goes on and the last book is the best book. I think that such a large part of my love for this book comes from the beautiful characters Nora has created and, I love them. Honestly I recommend this series to everybody and it was easily my favorite series and series ender of 2017.

(Warning: This series does have graphic content and it’s new adult I did find a list of the most upsetting content, to check out before you read just in case)

I did read The Foxhole Court a while before this year but I re-read it and started the rest of series this year so I counted it anyways. 


The best sequel in my opinion was easily Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray. I absolutely adored the first book in this series, The Diviners but the main, main character (Evie) wasn’t my favorite. I love Henry, Ling, Memphis, Sam, Theta, basically everyone. Bray writes beautifully, and the plot is interesting the characters are all well-written, overall it’s a great novel. This book focuses more on character development vs plot (and vice versa for the first novel) and enhances the plot of the first book but brings in new things and it was easily my favorite sequel of the year.



 Best book from a genre you don’t typically read/was out of your comfort zone?


If I haven’t mentioned it before. I absolutely hate fantasy. I might read a couple books that dabble in it but overall, I tend to take a sharp turn away from it. I’m also not super into retellings. While I think they can be well-done, a lot of times they become very tropey/not written well. Teeth by Hannah Moskowitz is probably the complete opposite of that. Rudy is a lonely sad boy and Teeth is a lonely sad merman (fishboy? I don’t know.) Teeth is absolutely breathtaking in the same sort of way a horrible accident or natural disaster is breathtaking. It’s so sad and so horrible but you just can’t look away. Her writing is stunning and if you want a book to really rip your heart out, I’d definitely recommend this one.

Note: This book is not an easy read in general because it is very “dark” but also has a lot of triggering/graphic content and so if you’re worried I would recommend either skipping this one or asking some one who’s read it for the lay down.


  Most action-packed/thrilling/unputdownable book of the year?


This book is definitely not action packed but I could not put it down. It is centered around Emma, a self-proclaimed mean girl who flirts and is rude and “sleeps around” but one night at a party, everything goes downhill. She wakes up the next morning on her porch, severe blisters from the sun and no memory of the night before. She then has to deal with the aftermath as her whole town turns against her. This is such an unflinching portrayal of the world right now and pushes you to answer the question “Was she asking for it?” Emma’s mean, dresses provocatively, was doing drugs and is in the antidotal sense of the word a “slut”*. Does this mean she deserves what is happening to her? It’s raw, emotional and made me cry when I was reading it on a train in Colorado. It also has one of the best/realistic endings to a book I’ve read recently.

Note: This book also contains extremely graphic content. It is centered around a girl’s rape and because of this is very detailed and graphic. There’s also mentions of suicide/suicidal thoughts.

* I’d just like to clarify that these are points the book is trying to bring up and I personally believe no one is ever deserving of anyone ever taking advantage of them and there is no way to be “asking for it.”

 Book You Read In 2017 That You Are Most Likely To Re-Read Next Year?

Instead of comfort foods, comfort music or comfort basically anything else, I have comfort books. Sometimes instead of reading new books, or whenever my life is going downhill, I’ll just ignore everything and re-read my favorites. These favorites are often, nice, happy and “soft books. I will probably re-read the aforementioned All for the Game series by Nora Sakavic, We are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson, the not mentioned, I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz and I’d like to give the spotlight to my favorite comfort book, Know Not Why by Hannah Johnson.


It’s basically the cute holiday rom-com book you need in your life. I’m basically in love with all of the characters and they’re all very well-fleshed out. One thing that I really enjoy about this book is the fact that our main protagonist Howie, has some internalized stuff going on and in turn does some pretty gross objectifying things. But, the book calls him out for this and has him change and apologize. This book is basically a warm cup of hot cocoa on a cold day. Aka the softest thing you’ll read in a while.



Favorite character of 2017?

This is probably the hardest question I’ve had to answer. Characters are my favorite part of a book and I put them up to a much higher standard than the rest of the book. I’m willing to let a bad plot and poor writing go through if I love the characters and vice versa. I would like to give an honorable mention to every main character in The Foxhole Court (besides the Ravens, Aaron and Nicky. They can choke.) But, my favorite character of the year, a total curveball is Gansey from The Raven Cycle. Even though I will fight M*ggie St*efvater I was thinking about it and my mind kept coming back to Gansey. Even though I’m an every other character stan (especially my boys Adam, Noah and Henry) I just. I just relate to Gansey on so many levels. I too, am in love with all of my friends and have been photographed outside of my house in boat shoes and frat boy clothes. I have a very deep emotional connection to Gansey and because of that he has to be my favorite character of 2017. header

Shortest & Longest Book You Read In 2017?

The longest book I read this year was Winter by Marissa Meyers at 827 pages and the shortest book I read this year was milk and honey by Rupi Kaur at 204 pages. (This makes me feel like the books I’m reading are a lot longer than they are.)


This is the part one of the End of Year Survey and I’m going to try to get the second part out on Friday. Merry Late Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone!!*

*Also sorry the formatting is trash, the formatting looked fine when I was writing it, but didn’t want to translate over to both the reader and my blog, so I had to really quickly re-do it :/talktome3444

How were the holidays? What were your favorite books of 2017? Least favorite? Do you like the books on the list as well? Are there any that I missed/should’ve had on there?



11 thoughts on “End of Year Wrap Up: Part 1

  1. aha first comment :)))

    I love most of these books,, a lot?? I gotta say my favourite series of the year was either the Raven Cycle or the Foxhole Court; they both have angsty gays and psychotic midgets (or maybe that last one’s just the foxhole court).

    I HAVE BEEN MEANING TO READ TEETH FOR AGES. the premise sounds so so cool and I’m a sucker for a dark book. Also merpeople ftw.

    okay so for favourite character of the year I’d have to pick Ari (from Ari and Dante). I only read the book this year and honestly I love Ari so much shahahakalakshsjs. I kind of relate to him in a weird way?? not to be dramatic but i would die for ari mendoza

    cool post 👌 looking forward to the next one

    Liked by 1 person

    • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh same. i personally like tfc just a little bit more than trc just because i feel a little more invested in the characters?? but that’s just me,

      teeth is so !!! good. i love it so much. it made me cry so hard,, and honestly 10/10 would recommend it’s heartbreak

      true true, i love ari and dante but i think i like dante a little more because once again i relate to him on like a million levels,,,,,,,, and uh same i think everyone would die for ari

      thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Teeth sounds ike such an amazing book – but I’m a bit scared of the triggering content there… I might have to read a couple reviews and see if it would really be for me, but I love that synopsis, you make it sound SO good 🙂
    AND YES GANSEY he is such an amazing character! ❤ ❤
    Great post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “2017 was certainly the year of not reading at all, so my total number of books for the year was around 100” BINCH I HAVEN’T EVEN REACHED 100 YET GET OUT

    god, Asking For It was so good. that ending made my heart hurt but it was so realistic & beautiful. I’m probably going to read TFC & Teeth next year because you intimidate me, but no promises about loving them.

    Liked by 1 person

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