December Wrap Up

2017 is over.

It’s the end of an era. Or a trashfire year. Whichever you want to call it. I’m glad it’s over, but I don’t know if it’s just me but 2017 seemed to pass so quickly. I don’t want time to pass this quickly.

For my first post in the New Year and the last one dedicated to 2017 I decided to do a December Wrap Up.*

*Also because I’m struggling because I only read 5 books this year I might stick some of the end of year survey pt 2 questions in another post but we’ll see

Here’s to the New Year!

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End of Year Wrap Up: Part 1

So even though most of 2017 was a trash-fire and as the year went on my anxiety decided to uh, skyrocket causing me to wander through a book slump for the remainder of the year, I actually read quite a few of my favorites for the first time this year.

Because of that (and also I’m struggling to produce content before 2018 is a thing) I decided to do an End of Year Survey focused on one of the better parts of 2017: books.

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The Hiatus is Over! Your Favorite Piece of Trash is Back!

When I came back to wordpress to write this post, I felt some sort of muscle memory or shock take over.

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Books – In a Bunch of Tags

This is basically a bunch of tags because I’m on vacation yay !! I’m sorry for the lack of a real post but unfortunately I don’t have access to a computer, yay !!

cringy gifs are my life

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An Abundance of Authorial Abhorrent Actions

That title is literally the best thing I have ever come up with. I’m #proud of my self.

So because Camp Nano is coming up and I have like zero ideas for my story I decided to put out whatever the heck I’m writing onto the world wide web (so maybe you guys can help me??? Maybe???)

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Abandoning Books. An American Tragedy.

Hello. It is me, a very problematic person. I’m going to confess that I am guilty of abandoning books. At least for me, I just have s-o many books that I want to read so I can’t bog myself down reading books that I don’t enjoy. So here’s a discussion post for you guys so you can either publicly shame me or agree with my problematic ways.

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Monthly Wrap Up!

Me: Writes one post all month.

Also me: Let me finish this draft for the 30th post I’ve written this month but will never post.


For the first time ever, I’m actually doing a monthly wrap-up! This honestly is just going to make me feel sad but whatever, I can deal. I’m not going to sadly stare out my window as I realize how little I’ve accomplished. 

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