Books – In a Bunch of Tags

This is basically a bunch of tags because I’m on vacation yay !! I’m sorry for the lack of a real post but unfortunately I don’t have access to a computer, yay !!

cringy gifs are my life

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Monthly Wrap Up!

Me: Writes one post all month.

Also me: Let me finish this draft for the 30th post I’ve written this month but will never post.


For the first time ever, I’m actually doing a monthly wrap-up! This honestly is just going to make me feel sad but whatever, I can deal. I’m not going to sadly stare out my window as I realize how little I’ve accomplished. 

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I’m back! + an overdue award and bonus things

Hi, guys! It’s me, someone who apparently can never stick to a schedule and disappears for months at a time. But… summer’s fast approaching and I can finally relax from the stressful schedule school brings… and put myself into another one with blogging! I decided in this post I’m going to discuss what’s going on now that I’m going to be back permanently (I think…) an award and monthly goals.

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The Reading Of Books + Stealing From May

Okay, so I’ve decided that I read so much I should at least do something constructive with it i.e. book reviews. I’m also trying a couple of different blogging-type posts (such as book reviews, political rants, fluff, and writing) to try to figure out what I enjoy writing so that is why my next few posts are all going to be kind of odd/not fitting into a general theme?? So for this book, I think I already listed I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson on my favorites list but I just re-read it last night and I’m screaming??? My love for this book is just so great and I want to share it with all of you guys. Also like I’m trying to make my blog look more professional?? It’s a long journey but I’m trying *clenches fist* Read More »

Blogger Interview With The Best Person Ever; May

Graphic via May.
So me and my favorite person to fight, May decided to do a blogger interview/collab* thing together. This came about because I know her irl and wouldn’t stop bugging her 😉 It was great because she had her questions written last month and I wrote mine the night she needed them….. And I just finished up this post today after a tennis match…. This isn’t telling about our personalities at all. With out further ado here is the collab I know you’ve all been waiting for.Read More »