The Reading Of Books + Stealing From May

Okay, so I’ve decided that I read so much I should at least do something constructive with it i.e. book reviews. I’m also trying a couple of different blogging-type posts (such as book reviews, political rants, fluff, and writing) to try to figure out what I enjoy writing so that is why my next few posts are all going to be kind of odd/not fitting into a general theme?? So for this book, I think I already listed I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson on my favorites list but I just re-read it last night and I’m screaming??? My love for this book is just so great and I want to share it with all of you guys. Also like I’m trying to make my blog look more professional?? It’s a long journey but I’m trying *clenches fist* Read More »

Blogger Interview With The Best Person Ever; May

Graphic via May.
So me and my favorite person to fight, May decided to do a blogger interview/collab* thing together. This came about because I know her irl and wouldn’t stop bugging her 😉 It was great because she had her questions written last month and I wrote mine the night she needed them….. And I just finished up this post today after a tennis match…. This isn’t telling about our personalities at all. With out further ado here is the collab I know you’ve all been waiting for.Read More »

Lots of things


Hey Guys 😉 it’s your local piece of trash™. I’m finally back! Yay(???) So I’ve been caught up in the never ending storm of tennis, birthdays, concerts and homework so I’ve been unable to post 😦 But spring break is coming up soon and my last big project for school is due tomorrow so guess what that means! I might be able to actually start posting! Yay! Additionally I can start commenting and following and other junk 🙂Read More »

An Update

Note: So this has no graphic or anything at all because I have a list of excuses a mile wide on why on why I haven’t posted (i.e; tennis till 9 half the week, a concert, a school dance, my birthday, assorted birthday celebrations and a five paragraph essay which is due tomorrow which I’m still procrastinating on…. etc. Because May is actually the best person ever (and was probably tired of me complaining and asking me to update and write a post) she wrote a post for me! I promise you guys I’ll actually write something soon and so many thanks to May for being actually the best human alive™. Finally before I put what she wrote wish me luck, I have tennis tryouts tomorrow (only 8 people make traveling team and we have 41) and once tryouts are over I’ll finally be able to post 🙂 .Read More »

Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day. Cue me, eating chocolate, making bad graphics and freaking out because my birthday’s two days away.

Welcome to the official™ Valentine’s day post that we are going to pretend is my only post today and where I try not to complain about how fake love is. Just kidding (mostly). So today I thought I’d split this post up into 3 sections (and a bonus one at the bottom). Basically three things that I love all in the spirit of the holiday. Honestly I think I’m just becoming a recommendation blog :).

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